Resource to Help Guide Attendee Promotion Planning

by Jennifer Rivera
Content Manager CEIR

New methods of communication to potential attendees offer a variety of options when trying to attract them. But which options are best to use, when considering the demographics and segmentation variables that influence potential attendee communication preferences? The Attracting Attendees report can help! It provides insight into attendees’ preferences and ways to attract and engage attendees to an exhibition or booth.

This report is split into two sections:

–          Preferred Sources of Information When Searching For an Exhibition

–          Preferred Sources of Information for Planning and On-Premise Resources

Each section has sub sections that dive a little bit deeper into the main topic of the section.

Below you will find several insightful points from the report:

–          When looking at attendee preferences in general, the report finds that “peer sources such as email from colleagues and word of mouth are the most important sources when considering whether to attend an exhibition. Close behind, though, are emails from an exhibition organizer as well as the exhibition organizer’s website, and a personal invitation from an exhibitor salesperson.”

–          However, if a marketer needs to craft a campaign to professionals of certain ages, it is valuable to know where preferences vary by age category, for example, higher importance of specific information sources are uncovered as follows:

(On a scale of 1-7, with 1 equaling very unimportant and 7 equaling very important)

  • Millennials assign higher importance to Personal Invite from Exhibitor at 4.96
  • Older Boomers assign higher importance to Exhibitor Telemarketing at 3.59

Gen X Social assign higher importance to Social Networking Sites at 3.52

  • When determining how best to communicate with attendees on premise, the report uncovers that “most attendees rely on the printed exhibition program.” Only 17 percent said Social Media (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) is a source relied upon onsite for planning and keeping on schedule. However, “Millennials (36 percent) are the most likely to use social media, followed by Gen X-ers (16 percent).”

If you would like to read all of the information in the Attracting Attendees report click here.

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