by Nancy Drapeau, PRC
Research Director

CEIR research consistently identifies sales lead generation, collecting new leads, as a top-ranked, important objective for exhibiting.  Why is this so? It’s cost-effective! A report, The Cost Effectiveness of Exhibition Participation: Part I, documents compelling data that affirms this statement and is valuable for exhibitors to use to argue the value of exhibiting to upper management as well as for organizers to use in selling the unique value of exhibitions to prospective exhibitors.

In this report, the cost of achieving different sales lead objectives is compared to achieving those goals via sales calls in the field. The cost differences are substantial. One comparison looks at the cost of an initial face-to-face visit with a prospective customer at an exhibition compared to the first sales visit in the field. To have that first meeting at an exhibition on average costs $96 compared to $1,039 in the field. This represents an average savings of $943 per prospective customer!

Clearly when companies are exhibiting at events that deliver their target audience, these exhibitions offer a powerful opportunity to cost-effectively connect face-to-face with prospects.

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